Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie
in Bietigheim-Bissingen auf jameda
When Angela came to me at a workshop I was hosting, she was so shy and in the corner quiet and a bit distant, but automatically, I felt her presence, she is so beautiful and radiated beauty in the stillness. 

I could feel she had opened to a new place inside herself after that one class, so she booked some sessions with me afterwards. She made the agreement with herself and with me that she was going to take this serious journey to healing. Angela and I had the most powerful sessions, and she was a big part in my continuing to do my shamanic work at that time in my practice. She always showed up willing to work, to grow, to open to new experiences. She came alive, in front of my eyes. Her spirit grew and expanded in ways I would always dream of for a client. She changed, grew, opened in ways that were leaps and bounds beyond anything I had the opportunity to witness at that time. Her family and friends noticed the change. Angela became present to her life in a whole new way.

Over the years Angela and I have become friends, colleagues, and have a deep fondness for one another. I am still in awe of her personal growth and her way of being. She is kind, gentle, present. I am so proud of her and the steps she has taken for her life, and now she is ready and willing to help all those she meets. She is a gift to the world, to her clients and to me. I am in awe and grace knowing our journey together will touch so many other people moving forward.

I love you Angela.
Nice work.
All my love  Lisa

Lisa Watts Smith
Shaman, Healer, Speaker
1925 S. Winchester Blvd. Ste. 106
Campbell, CA 95008 650.776.3696
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